Participant Zone

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Everything you need to share with your family, friends and colleagues

The fundraising toolkit was built to ensure you have all the social support needed to make a real world impact virtually.

Share so everyone can support you.

  • Get support from your family, colleagues, and friends

    The best place to find widespread support is through your social networks. That’s why we put together this ‘social starter’ toolkit featuring handfuls of downloadable assets to help guide the conversation on all your favourite social platforms

  • Instagram, proof that the right picture is worth 1000 words

    Share these images on Instagram to let people know you’re participating and encourage them to join you!

  • Story Wallpapers

    Simply choose the background image that suits your style and download it straight to your phone. It’s that easy!

  • Not sure what to say?

    Here are a few captions to help get the conversation started:
    1- "Join me this October for the walk or run to end animal cruelty in Canada. Walk or run with thousands of passionate Canadians toward one common goal."
    2- "Help me help animals! Join me for the walk or run to end animal cruelty in Canada."

  • Social Stickers

    Add these stickers on your own photos or stories and encourage friends and family members to join you!

  • Cover Photos and Virtual Backgrounds

    Highlight motivation with The Weekend cover photo. It’s an easy and eye-catching way to connect on both Facebook and LinkedIn! Or download one of our many virtual backgrounds to add a little bit of colour to your next conference call or virtual fitness class.

  • Facebook Fundraising makes fundraising easy!

    Facebook keeps you connected to your community as well as friends and family far and wide. It’s a great platform for sharing fundraising goals

Most people love animals, you never know who is ready and willing to help you see achieve your goals.

Share your personal walk or run to end animal cruelty in Canada link!

Every Dollar Raised Will Make Difference

Every step we take is transforming the way we look at animal cruelty in Canada. The funds raised directly support the work of the Society for the Protection of Animals Canada and push the boundaries of ending animal abuse.